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Mobdro As the world is becoming more and more advanced and smart day by day, everyone is searching for the smart solutions which look to be great on the mobile phone or smartphone. These solutions are also called as the apps. So, are you interested in watching all the live coverage of the news, sports, serials or any of your favorite event even when you are traveling or away from your television?

mobdro app download

Mobdro is the perfect app for you as it has the unique and advanced features and techniques which provide the best video streaming experience to you. You may find many other live streaming apps on the Google store, but mobdro is the best among them as it has the unique features like full movie or events streaming on full-screen mode. Using this app, you can also watch the videos offline.

If you a person who delights to stream video online then you will pleasure to have a Mobdro app on your Smartphone. Mobdro Android app will exist a lot of free video with the foremost streaming quality for your tablet and also to your Smartphone. There is two version of Mobdro app that you could get, first is the basic version which contains some specific features and the other one is the premium application which offers more features, but this was not available for free.

So, if you are a video enthusiast, mobdro is the perfect app for you as it allows you to stream any video from any topic or location. This app is compatible with devices with Android 4.1 and above and is allow as an apk and not available directly on the Google Play Store.

Features of Mobdro App



  • Easy and free online video streams from various sites
  • Free streaming of many national and international news channels
  • Live streaming of sports, events, news, etc
  • Premium version is completely ad free and allows the users to watch the videos offline
  • Advanced video search options
  • If you have any favorite videos, you can bookmark these videos
  • You can also share the videos with your friends

How to Download Mobdro for PC?

mobdro download


  • Download the Bluestacks app player software
  • Open the official website for mobdro app
  • You can download the APK from here.
  • Open the apk file and install it following the steps
  • After successful completion of installation, you can enjoy the HD videos

Mobdro for Android Devices

  • As the direct app is not available on the Google play store, it is must have to be download in the format of apk
  • And then click on the install button and accept the terms
  • After successful completion of installation, a shortcut will be created on the home screen of your smartphone
  • Now enjoy the live and HD video streams on your smart phones itself

Download Mobdro App

Mobdro for iPhone

Unfortunately, the mobdro apk is not available for the ios and iPhone, but the app is being been developed for the iPhone and Mac os users. So, iPhone Mac users have to wait for some more days to download and install this wonderful app on their devices.

Mobdro for Blackberry

Mobdroapk is also available for the Blackberry users to enjoy the online HD videos. So, let us know how to download and install mobdro for Blackberry. Follow these simple steps and get lost in the world of live and HD video streams online.

  • Download the Mobdro APK from here
  • Now save the apk on the pc and then transfer into your blackberry device
  • Now click on the mobdro apk and then click on install button
  • After sometime this app will be installed on your blackberry device
  • After the completion of the installation, you can find the icon on the menu
  • Click on the menu and enjoy the live and HD videos

How to Use Mobdro on Android, iPhone, Windows and Blackberry?


  • On Android

After the successful installation of Mobdro app on your android smartphone, click on the icon in your menu and then a very attractive interface will open and this contains different categories like channels, News and many other categories.

For example, if you want to see any channel of your television, then select the category “channels”, a complete list of channels available will be displayed from which you can select the channel you want and enjoy the live streaming in HD quality.

  • On PC

After successful completion of the mobdro installation on your PC using the bluestacks, you can open the window by clicking on the icon that is created on the desktop.

A full window of Mobdro will be opened on your PC screen which consists of different categories section and the favorites section. Using these sections you can browse through the different categories available and also view the bookmarked videos that are kept in the favorite section. By clicking on the search symbol, you can also search for the video that you need.

  • On Blackberry

The app looks same on the blackberry phones also, so users can use the app on the black berry phone by following the steps mentioned in the android section.

Mobdro Alternatives

As mobdro is not yet released for usage on the IOS and Mac OS, there are many other alternatives or the mobdro like apps which are available for usage and provide the similar functionality as the Mobdro app.  Let us focus on such type of best mobdro alternatives.

  • Showbox App

Showbox is the perfect alternative for Mobdro as it has almost similar features like the Mobdro. It allows the users to live stream all the tv channels, sports or events for free. Using this app, users can easily download his/her favorite video on one side and also stream a video on another side. So, Users can use this Mobdro alternative to get almost all the functionalities of mobdro.

  • MovieBox

MovieBox is another Mobdro alternative that resembles mobdro app and provides the same functionality like the Mobdro. Its unique features and techniques allow the users to download and stream the videos at a time. All the options in the app are easy to manage and understand and can be used easily. So, this is another mobdro alternative that serves its functionality in an efficient way.

  • Livestream App

Unlike the above-mentioned app, this app is very close to Mobdro app and acts as the best alternative for Mobdro. It has the live streaming option bundled in it, and this option allows the users to stream the live videos and events from anywhere and anytime with an active internet connection on any device they use.

Download Mobdro Apk

These are some of the best Mobdro alternatives that can be used by the iPhone users until the mobdro app launches on the IOS.

  • Hotstar

Hotstar, many of you might know this app as it is the latest and trending online TV app that is being used many Android, PC, iPhone and Blackberry users. It almost has the similar features like the Mobdro app and allows the users to access full-length tv episodes, news or events online. So, all the smartphone users can use this app as the perfect alternative for Mobdro and enjoy the live streaming HD videos on their smartphones.

  • Mivo

Mivo is another famous video streaming app in the world, this app streams live videos and lives to channels too. The best feature of this app is that all the TV channels are available in the HD quality. All you need is an active internet connection which allows you to easily watch all the live TV channels from anywhere and anytime just like the Mobdro app. So, this is the best mobdro alternative available in the market.

These are some of the best Mobdro alternatives available in the market for free, so download them and experience the functionality of Mobdro indirectly.

Mobdro is the feature packed app that is very advanced in terms of video streaming. It is a very useful app for those who are in the journey and don’t want to miss their favorite program of TV serial as it has the live streaming option in it. If you don’t have to watch your favorite program live, you can also download it and watch offline without any internet connection.

Hurry!! Today and Download the Mobdro APK today to enjoy the best video streams.

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